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Redmi 8A Dual (Sea Blue 3GB RAM 32GB Storage)

Redmi 8A Dual (Sea Blue 3GB RAM 32GB Storage)I have bought phones before but the Redmi 8A Dual is a life changer. If your phone is like a mini office for you then this will be the best personal mobile office you have ever had.  It takes great pictures as well. It`s perfect for me since, I take photos a lot for my blog and just memories. Its processing speed is high and so I can easily work on my phone, write and share files. I really like the 32 Gb storage, it`s enough space to store a lot even before transferring anything to a more secure storage. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and it has that fancy look everyone wants their phone to have. Love it!
Redmi 8A Dual (Sea Blue 3GB RAM 32GB Storage)

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