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How to Unassign or Remove domain from bluehost cPanel

I hosted few websites and domains in Bluehost now i need to remove unused domains from the cPanel
In this tutorial i will guide you how to unassign and remove domains from Bluehost domain manager, if we need to delete domains from the cPanel first of all we need to unassign the domain

To Unassign follow the below steps

1 login to you account
2 click the domain manager on the top left corner
  (after clicking the domain manager you can see you list of domains in the  action items)

3 click the domain you wish to unassign

4. after unassign the domain now we can remove the domain from cPanel to do that click the Remove link on the left side you can see under the Hosting Account

Thats it now we unassigned and removed unused domains from the bluehost hosting cPanel
If you had any doubts in this tutorial don't hesitate to conatct me i am ready to help you

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