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Volkswagen Phaeton offers Highest discount Rs.25 lakhs

Discount , is what none of them left from looking for, no one is exceptional while any purchase . We had come across many discounts and especially for cars ; here is incredible discount ever that surpasses all other carmaker . Earlier it is Honda India also did a whopping Rs 1.7 Lakh cut down in the price of its hatchback, Honda Jazz. Moreover, it also reduced the price of Honda city by Rs 66,000. Another example is Audi, even Audi slashed the prices of Audi A6 sedan by Rs 3 Lakh. But here is one cash discount ever surpasses all others. Obviously all carmakers are offering discounts on models that are not selling at expected levels. Volkswagen Phaeton luxury sedan which was launched in January 2010 in India, however it is a pretty well-known fact that Volkswagen Phaeton luxury sedan has been facing a low phase sales in the country. Currently, Volkswagen Phaeton price is over Rs 75 Lakh and gives a very tough competition to, BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Audi A8.

Microsoft Windows Azure Platform new line of middleware products

A new line of middleware products that are compatible with the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform( 1) public cloud service and Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP/A5) Powered by Windows Azure, starting today, announced the development and worldwide availability by Fujitsu . Windows Azure and SQL Azure help developers build, host and scale applications through Microsoft datacenters. You can use the following developer services to build applications that span from consumer web to enterprise scenarios. They require no up-front expenses, no long term commitment, and enable you to pay only for the resources you use. Compute Database Virtual Machines Storage Content Delivery Network Caching Virtual Network Service Bus Access Control Business Intelligence MarketPlace The new line of products delivers runtime environments for Java and COBOL , two application programming languages that are commonly employed in building mission-critical systems

Latest Smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5 | Windows Phone IS12T

The 1st smartphone with Microsoft’s upcoming “ Mango ” build of Windows Phone, Windows Phone IS12T launched by Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications recently in Tokyo, will feature the smartphone operating system " Windows Phone 7.5 ," provided by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Windows Phone IS12T is Japan's first water and dust-proof smartphone featuring: Windows Phone 7.5. 13.2 mega pixels 32 GB of internal memory Despite of only these details know, its not known about the phone’s processors, RAM, and price, it will be available in 3 colors - pink, yellow, and black, when it ships in Japan sometime around September. According to Microsoft in addition: Much smoother operability compared to conventional smartphones Windows Phone OS including Internet Explorer 9 E-mail conversation view Chat-threading feature that integrates text, IM, and Facebook chat messages from single contacts into a single thread Users can not only read and edit Microsoft Office do

How Notebook or Netbook differs from Laptop

Most of them might know that Laptop and Notebook are actually not similar but when anyone ask you "What the difference between Laptop and Netbook" how could you explain it in simple words? Laptop & Notebook Laptop is a computer with additional portability whereas Notebook is a mini laptop with additional ultra portability the size & weight is pretty less than Laptop to an average diary and economically it’s a within the budget laptop ranging from 200$ to £150. It can be said that Notebook ranges below Laptops & above smartphones and handheld computers to make kids understand :) (its very tough answering peculiar questions of Kids & convince them, isn't it) Advantages Notebook (Mini laptops) Advantages such as multimedia, office computations, browsing & emails altogether in ultra portability is the reason why it proved to be great gadgets , even though Mini laptops are not as super luxurious as laptop as they cannot provide with intens

Safari Thorium Stubble 55 Cms Polycarbonate Purple Cabin 4 wheels Hard Suitcase

Having the Safari thorium stubble 55 cms polycarbonate purple cabin 4 wheels hard suitcase is like a dream come true since it is going to simply my travel. I won’t have to worry about lifting three polythene bags of clothes like I did before when going upcountry for a vacation. All my stuff is in this hard suitcase. The wheels of this suitcase are flexible and can rotate in all directions which simplify movements. The straps inside the suitcase keep my clothes intact no matter how I tilt the suitcase. And when I pack a full suitcase of clothes I do not worry about squeezing my delicate fingers to get a firm grip of the suitcase as I use the adjustable handle to move around with this suitcase. Safari Thorium Stubble 55 Cms Polycarbonate Purple Cabin 4 wheels Hard Suitcase

USA Pan Bakeware Mini Round Cake Pans 6 Well Nonstick

Yay! This cake pan is what I will need to make my round tiered cake. The USA Pan Bakeware Mini Round Cake Pans is made of aluminum that is a good conductor of heat and helps in baking ready cakes. With it, I won’t have to worry about breaking my cake as I get it out of the tin which is nonstick and quick release. Its size is a perfect fit for my small oven at home. This kind of cake pan is the one that my baking teacher recommended because it produces more round cakes that are good to look at. I feel like I am progressing a lot in pursuing my dream career in cake making with a pan like this one. USA Pan Bakeware Mini Round Cake Pans 6 Well Nonstick & Quick Release Coating Made in the USA from Aluminized Steel

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks Building Blocks for Kids Multi Color

My little kids were so excited about the LEGO classic creative bricks building blocks for kids multi color that they invited a group of 10 friends in our compound just to show off their new asset. I think this play kit is a great one that will give enough company to the kids who were bored with playing with balloons. I can see that the kids are more active in their play given that they build certain structures and call them their homes, their cars, their everything possible. I am glad that they love what we chose for them since they normally do not like what we choose for them and instead prefer to get what they choose. LEGO Classic Creative Bricks Building Blocks for Kids Multi Color (221 pcs) 10692

The Moms Co. Complete Care Pregnancy Gift Box

I just bought this The Moms Co. complete care pregnancy gift box for my friend who had a baby her shower last week and she loves it already. The stretch mark cream in the gift box provides a good solution to those irritating stretch marks that appear during pregnancy given its natural ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter that are good remedies for skin softening. Thanks to this stretch mark cream that my dearest friend can now have a completely moisturized skin as compared to before. I know that with this gift set, I am one of my friend’s most favorites because she loves the synthetic fragrances from the products in this gift set. The Moms Co. Complete Care Pregnancy Gift Box

Wipro Next 20W Smart LED Batten (Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant)

The Wipro Next 20W Smart LED Batten was fairly easy to install. I can control the light via voice with Alexa and it really works! I just say ”Hey Alexa, dim the light!” And don’t even need to get up from the couch. I find it very useful for us that the light is also dimmable. I can schedule the lights to turn on and off (very useful for the kid’s room, where I schedule it to turn off after the kid falls asleep). The brightness is very good for the room (I have it in the living room and in the kids room; I plan to also add it on the stairs). The price is very good for this product. Wipro Next 20W Smart LED Batten (Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant)

Milton Thermosteel Stellar Water Jug 5 Silver

I got it right on time and have encountered no problems with ordering and receiving it. It has a big recipient, keeps beverages cold or warm (I used it for cold and for warm and it did a good job for both). The Milton Thermosteel Stellar Water Jug 5 Silver is easy to fill up with liquid because it is wide at the top and it looks very stylish (it is an important aspect for my team, since we use it during our workshops for our clients). The tap is very easy to use and we encountered no problems with it (no leaking and no spills) Very good price for the product; I would highly recommend it. Milton Thermosteel Stellar Water Jug 5 Silver

Linenwalas All Season 5* Star Microfiber Anti Allergic Warm Duvet

The product is great. It arrived quickly after ordering it and I have already used it a few chilly nights. It felt just like the ones in the hotel and it was very warm. I could wrap it around me and it felt very cozy and soft. I was very impressed by the quality of the fabric and by the fact that even though it is thin, it is very warm. The Linenwalas All Season 5* Star Microfiber Anti Allergic Warm Duvet cover fit the comforter and it was easy to fit in. Good value for the money spent on it. It is a good purchase I made for my home. Linenwalas All Season 5* Star Microfiber Anti Allergic Warm Duvet/AC Comforter/Quilt Special for Winters-Solid White-King Size (90" x 100)

TANTRA Fluke PRO Bluetooth Receiver 4.1 Bluetooth Kit for Car

The TANTRA Fluke PRO Bluetooth receiver 4.1 Bluetooth kit for car connects quickly and easily to the phone; no troubleshooting needed. The quality of the sound is very good and clear both-ways: I can hear the voice in the speakers and also the person at the other end can hear me clearly. Also, the price is very good compared to the quality of the product. I like the fact that it can connect to two phones at the same time. I only rarely travel alone, so it’s easier for me and my girlfriend to have both phones connected. I also liked the fact that the installation was very easy. I am not the handyman, so this was very helpful for me TANTRA Fluke PRO Bluetooth Receiver 4.1 Bluetooth Kit for Car (Black)

Aristocrat 45 Ltrs Black Rucksack (Duro)

I got this Aristocrat 45 ltrs black rucksack backpack for my travelling, as hand-luggage for air travelling. I needed a functional, spacious bag, padded and lightweight and this backpack was perfect. I love the laptop compartment and also the hidden small compartment. I am a fairly organized guy, so I like that this bag has a lot of pockets and it is easy for me to keep everything at hand (very useful when travelling a lot). Good storage capacity and a very good money value and quality of the product. It also looks sturdy and I’m happy with the color choice. I would recommend it Aristocrat 45 Ltrs Black Rucksack (Duro)

Cyberlink Director Suite 5 Power Video/Photo/Audio Editing Windows - Download

I used to edit my Instagram videos and loved the output result as the quality of the edited video was terrific and professional. This Cyberlink Director Suite 5 power video/photo/audio editing Windows has many new features as compared to the previous versions, such as the merging of many pictures, which I tend to use more often. The format is also readable by a variety of software especially vlc video player. When linking the video to the audio, it was very out front. The software is user friendly, and it is not complicated to interact with it. When editing, you can do anything you want without restrictions as compared to the previous versions. I would recommend it to video and photo editors. Cyberlink Director Suite 5 Power Video/Photo/Audio Editing Windows - Download

Haneez 5 Layers Bamboo Shoe Rack

As shown, I tried to fit the shoes, and mine fit similarly and am very impressed. I liked the fact that it is lightweight and can move about without any challenge. Its bamboo structure makes it appear functional and appealing. The Haneez 5 layers bamboo shoe rack is something that I would recommend it to someone who is looking for an affordable rack. I loved it because it complements my room very well as if it were to be there. I found the price fair and affordable compared to similar products from other platforms. I prefer this rack to my prior one. This rack is a piece of art. Haneez 5 Layers Bamboo Shoe Rack

Philips HR3700/30 200-Watt Hand Mixer

I have desired to cook chapatti, and after buying this mixer, my work when mixing the dough has been made easier as it saves time, and I avoid having my hands dirty as I was used to mixing using my hands any time I bake. I like the fact I can adjust the speeds when mixing to get different textures. The Philips HR3700/30 200-watt hand mixer is also light; one can hold it for some time without getting tired. It is also user friendly as it is effortless to attach the accessories when it is to start mixing. Cleaning it is also something natural, no need to be alarmed of any damages when cleaning. Philips HR3700/30 200-Watt Hand Mixer (Desert Green)

Intern INT-38C-BK-G Cutaway Right Handed Acoustic Guitar Kit With Bag Strings Pick And Strap

This guitar looks good with this glossy black and appears smart and appealing. I have been walking with it on my back, and it is effortless to carry since it’s not bulky, and its strap is comfortable when playing. The Intern INT-38C-BK-G cutaway right handed acoustic guitar kit with bag strings pick and strap is definitely a good buy. It is easy to hold when playing as its fun playing while both when seated and when standing. I like the extra things it came with as it shows the company cares for its user incase when one loses the picks or cuts the string, there is a spare. The music it produces is also fantastic, and people enjoy it as I play it. Thank you. Intern INT-38C-BK-G Cutaway Right Handed Acoustic Guitar Kit With Bag Strings Pick And Strap (Black 6 Strings)

Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Water Dispenser Container

My husband bought the Indian Art Villa pure copper water dispenser container pot matka for me, and I love it as it represents our culture and is a beautiful pot to use at home. People ask me where I bought it and did refer them to the site because the prices were fair and affordable. I have recommended many people because it is something I have come to love and enjoy using. Cleaning is something that one needs to learn as its different from other aluminum or steel utensils. The cleaning is to preserve its quality and make it serve you for a long time. I love it very much. Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Water Dispenser Container Pot Matka with 2 Glass Tumblers 6.5 Litres (Brown)- Set of 3 Pieces

WBM Himalayan Glow large Salt lamp night light

This lamp made me appreciate art, as it’s quite a piece of art. I like the WBM Himalayan Glow large Salt lamp night light as it matches my style and, most times, sets a mood that is chill and romantic at times. It brings out a pleasant and relaxing mode whenever it on. It saves electricity whenever it’s on; this is what I like about it, as it does not consume too much power. It’s an excellent lamp for reading as it’s not that bright thus cannot affect one’s eyes. Its dimmer switch is unique, something I have not seen before. I would recommend it as a gift to someone I love. Thanks WBM Himalayan Glow large Salt lamp night light .Himalayan pink salt lamp with Neem Wood Base /salt lamp light bulbs and Dimmer Control 7 Inch

BOIS ART Pierce Chair Side Table Espresso

This BOIS ART Pierce Chair Side Table Espresso is beautiful, and after receiving it, I was amazed since it looked better than it appeared in the pictures. It has made my room look good as it has helped me arrange my books well, and my vase on top of it makes it look like an art. Its texture is also smooth as it has done well, and its shiny appearance makes it glow. It is not that heavy as it can be carried easily without hurting the back. Its height is also right and makes it accessible to sit on if one uses it as a chair. BOIS ART Pierce Chair Side Table Espresso (24 by 12 by 24-Inch high)

Hidesign Women's Shoulder Bag

I saw this bag, Hidesign Women's Shoulder Bag with one of my sisters, and I had to order mine. I loved its size, and it suits me very well as I use it for my daily activities, and it can store my things without any challenge. I also like the way it has two pockets as I use the small one to put my cards and change anytime I use it. I also love the leather material as it’s hard to wear out and serve me for a long time. I would recommend this bag to any lady who moves a lot as it is easy to carry and walk with. Hidesign Women's Shoulder Bag (Blue)

One-A-Day One A Day Men's 50 Plus Multivitamin 300 Tablets

The goodness of starting One A Day Men's 50 Plus Multivitamin tablets is that I have had reduced levels of stress and anxiety. My energy levels had also increased, making me more active and able to do more work than before I had started the intake. My moods have even gone up, and I can interact with people well without having mood swings. I love these tablets because my short term memory has also improved and can remember some things that could seem small but vital to me. I have also noticed increased strength as I work on my outdoor jobs. I recommend these tablets to all men. Thank you. One-A-Day One A Day Men's 50 Plus Multivitamin 300 Tablets

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein - 5.28 lbs (Cocoa Mocha)

I am an athlete who is so keen on what nutrients I feed my body with. This Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein - 5.28 lbs is my favorite immune booster that is also vegetarian in nature. The packaging is eye-catching and the product is properly sealed for consumer protection. I feel safe using this product given that the expiry date and the date of manufacturing are clearly indicated.  The nutritional facts are well listed on the product packaging to give an insight on what is inside the container. I love that this whey protein has more protein and low carbs given that I am embarking on a low-carb diet this year. Its fine powdery form makes it easy to dissolve in liquids like milk. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein - 5.28 lbs (Cocoa Mocha)

Hangup sherwani set one top and one bottom set available in and patternsizes

As a partly traditional guy, I find the Hangup sherwani set one top and one bottom set fashionable. I wore it for my daughter’s birthday celebration at home and every one complimented that I was smart. That was one of the major highlights for me that day. I am ready to buy more three sets to use for different occasions. The measurements that I ordered for are the ones that were delivered to my door step. This outfit is long-sleeved and is favorable for wearing in cold temperatures because it covers a big area of the hands. The hangup sherwani can be worn with a body warmer or jacket in case the temperatures are extremely cold. Hangup sherwani set one top and one bottom set available in and patternsizes(s to 3xl)

Diesel Cars meets need of Economy Drive?

One more Diesel engine drive in India perhaps what most of the new consumers and regular customers looking for? Amidst the frequent fuel price hike in the country. General Motors Co , the company which sold about 1.1 lakh cars last year in India , on Monday introduced its smallest diesel engine globally to power the Chevrolet Beat small car in India, as the U.S.-based auto maker takes on competition for small diesel cars in this fast-growing automobile market . Before describing much about Chevrolet Beat ( Diesel ) Car here are the key features what the company assures it a next generation Diesel Technology : New 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH Common Rail Diesel engine 58.5 PS and a whopping torque of 150 Nm power output Mileage of 24* kmpl Superior torque delivery from very low engine RPMs to a peppy drive Fixed Geometry Turbocharger (smooth efficient operation) Aluminum alloy DOHC cylinder head (Light weight) Launch Support Logic equipped Engine High fuel efficiency &l

Is next 3D Phone Era?

There is no doubt that 3D technology grabs the curiosity of all generation users and amidst the severe competition of developing the next generation phones by various manufactures, what next? Is next the 3D phones Era ? Last year Sharp kicked off the 3D phone era in Japan with  Galapagos and Lynx 3D in smartphone market insisted other companies to follow. LG Electronics recently launched Korea's 1st 3D smart phone LG 3D Optimus and HTC with EVO 3D . According to a report on Korean website, Samsung is apparently working on a 3D device based on Android OS, named Galaxy 3D said to trench other 3D models like LG’s Optimus 3D. What Galaxy 3D features: 4.3" 3D LCD screen dual 8 MP cameras (back) 3D video capture 1.2 GHz dual core Exynos processor & Android 2.3 Gingerbread with an Ice Cream Sandwich update on the horizon For easy streaming of videos, the phone is also said to have HDMI output. There will be an HD TV-out as well to output captured 3D

iPhone iPod in Motion Speaker system recharges while playing

Altec Lansing IMT520BLK Portable system for iPhone & iPod Stereo System recharges iPhone and iPod while it plays comes with Universal dock, powerful Class D amplification for rich audio supports all models iPhone and iPod with both the “Works with iPhone” and “Made for iPod” certifications . This iPhone, iPod in Motion Speaker system Altec Lansing portable IMT520 stereo system helps you listen all favorite tunes as it allows you to charge your iPhone or iPod while its playing, using a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with a 5-hour battery life. Shielded to protect from mobile phone interference, the stereo system automatically pauses music for incoming calls. It automatically pauses during a song and allows you to take the call. When you hang-up, the music kicks back in. Model: IMT520BLK Manufacturer: Altec Lansing Retail Packaging 90-Day Warranty Condition: Factory Refurbished Package Includes: IMT520 Stereo System, Full-Featured Remote, AC Adapter, Assorted

New Smoke detector alarms message to cell phones

Many would have come across some smoke detectors that indicates to be safe in and around the home but what makes this new smoke detector an exception from the average ones? This new one comes with modern technology while the average smoke detector only indicates when you are in home, signals a loud noise when it detects smoke and in some cases flashing lights but Firetext Smoke Alarm helps you alarming the problem by sending a message set by the user to up to 4 cell phone numbers even your not at home or not hooked with central monitoring system. The Firetext Smoke Alarm which looks like an average smoke detector has an extra slot inside that supports a SIM card, like cell phone. And Alarms when it detects smoke. The manufacture which stats 15% of house fires in the UK happen in vacant properties assures that their product will help aware of the situation before it's too late if residents are out of the house. Firetext Smoke Alarm Text Messaging Smoke Alarm A

AppleTV: 5 Simple Steps before calling Applecare

Before rushing immediately right after finding any fault in your AppleTV for Applecare service its better try few simple steps you can try to fix it yourself instead looking often for their assistance you can manage at times. Simple Steps: Unplug AppleTV & plug in power source after few moments which solves audio /video problems temporarily Probably it could have a bad connection so disconnect all video /audio cables and reconnect them, you could even try using new cables to determine if you have a imperfect cable. And through the settings menu for iTunes libraries, Disconnect from iTunes (AppleTV will lose all of its content) and reload your content reconnect by syncing the library with the AppleTV and using the code the AppleTV provides, now reload all content. Eventually reformat the AppleTV to factory settings where it will erase all your settings and alike when you bought it new. You have to again download and installed the software updates if any before th

Why Data Waste Treatment on computer systems is needed?

Out of many parameters why computer systems hang us by slowing down, the computers slow down also due to the accumulation of waste as Windows based computer used for any length of time - the longer you have it, the slower it goes just because of the accumulation of data files and entries in system logs. Two scientists from Johns Hopkins University have published a paper on arXiv , where they argue that data waste management on computer systems could, and should be handled similarly to the way physical-world waste is managed. And in their paper, Ragib Hasan and Randal Burns pick up where computer scientists at Cornel University left off after discovering in 1999 that up to 80% of files written to the hard drive by the Windows NT operating system were deleted within five seconds of being created. Analysis by Ragib Hasan & Randal Burns MacBook laptop Ubuntu Linux (desktop) & Fedora Linux fileserver 3 computers analyzed in the University Library to find out

Apple iPad 3 whats new in?

Apple's Pad 2 was released without Retina Display that found on the iPhone 4 but this time Apple is already testing retina displays for an unreleased iPad , next coming will have an impressive resolution of 2048×1536 – 4 times as many pixels as the first and second generation iPads, reports the Korea Times. And while Apple is looking to order advanced screens for the next version of its immensely popular tablet computers, the world 's 2 largest makers of L iquid C rystal D isplays (LCDs) - Samsung Electronics and LG Display are close to securing big orders from Apple, said a industry sources. The screens are built by both LG and Samsung, which already supply the screens of most iOS devices. Samsung and LG were required to produce screens with better picture quality and density, Apple has started quality testing Samsung and LG’s LCDs at one of its laboratories in China , added source. Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 will features : An improved display to support Quad E

How to avoid sharing email address with Facebook apps

While many of the Facebook Apps demands permission to send you email to use them but if you are keen to avoid sharing your email address with the developer and yet use their Facebook app then " how to hide your Email Address in Facebook from Third Party apps " there is a simple option in itself but probably not displayed prominently. And many users even skip the apps like Farmville as it just fill the inbox of your account with advertisements and later which might also be leaked to other advertisers along with it. Facebook has more than 1/2 million applications and people love to play games on it. Unfortunately, some of these applications need to know your actual email to play games that mostly people don’t want others to know it. So however if you are a interested in playing games like Farmville or Cityville or any of the other popular games on Facebook then don’t worry that you’ll be required to share your email address with the game developer. Here is a s

10 million people joined Google+ till now

Google's recently announced social networking site Google+ which is still in field trial stage, has more options than its rival Facebook, controls for sharing content with different groups. ofthepc mentioned in earlier post that Google is currently testing this new project only with a small group of people. But apart from requesting an invite from friends & other users, Google eased an option for the users, meanwhile - Google will contact you soon and invite you for Google+ Social Network: All you need is to submit a request by filling out a form by giving your name and email address via the form. Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page who recently revealed growth rate of Google+ also quoted that: "Our goal with Google+ is to make sharing on the web like sharing in real life, as well as to improve the overall Google experience." Larry Page, who was appointed as CEO three months ago, said over 10 million people have joined Google+ and users are sharing over

Google+Facebook allows Facebook updates in Google+

Combination of both net giants Google+Facebook application allows users to see Facebook streams and update & statuses from Google+ platform itself  “ bringing in Facebook within Google+ ”. Supports Firefox and Chrome users, this brilliant combination of Google+Facebook was developed by Israeli developer Crossrider. Menachemi founded Crossrider a year ago along with Shmueli Ahdut the developer of Google+Facebook. While most would prefer to allow a simple importing of Facebook friends, photos and other personal information into Google+ , that violates Facebook's terms of service. This application just adds Facebook icon to Google+, where users can view their Facebook pages. Crossrider's co-founder and chief executive, Koby Menachemi said, "It's something we created in less than a day," Menachemi told Reuters. "The product is not perfect, yet you can view (Facebook) streams and update your status" while on Google+. "It's a site

New discovery scavenging power from transmit energy

Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, professor Manos Tentzeris and his team discovered a new way to capture and harness energy transmitted by sources like radio and television transmitters, cell phone networks and satellite communications systems. By scavenging this ambient energy from the air around us, the technique could provide a new way to power networks of wireless sensors, microprocessors and communication chips. This new way may helps reduce the effect of Global warming ? Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Manos Tentzeris, said, “There is a large amount of electromagnetic energy all around us, but nobody has been able to tap into it,” Scavenging Process The team is using inkjet printers to combine sensors, antennas and energy-scavenging capabilities on paper or flexible polymers, scavenging devices can capture this energy, convert it from alternating current to direct current and store it in capacitors and

Indian Techies contribution in Nokia app development

15 leading Indian apps developers from Bangalore contribution in developing, the one of handset gaints Nokia's “Invent The Future” which is to launch soon to drive the growth of its smart phones. The Finland- based company launched the app titled “ What You Can Control With The Nokia N8”, which allows users to control mini model cars using the Nokia smartphone. Head of Nokia Forum India, Sunil Rao, said, “We are certainly looking at such newer apps as growth drivers for the company’s smart phone segment,” Director (marketing), Nokia India, Viral Oza, said “The smart devices (market) is one of the three key focus areas for Nokia, according to our global strategy announced earlier this year,” “We believe that smart phones will continue to evolve and enable consumers to communicate with a host of other gadgets and do a lot more with their devices. We believe that this concept will showcase the future of smart phones through the world of devices and apps,” Bangalore bas

LG Optimus Pro Vs Samsung’s Galaxy Pro

The LG Optimus Pro C660 looks a diminutive BlackBerry-like QWERTY smartphone with its QWERTY keyboard with a similar price range of Samsung’s Galaxy Pro to compete, heads pretty soon the rest of the world while it is already being sold in Italy for €179, apparently. Of no much a detail specifications: 2.8-inch QVGA screen Runs Android 2.3 3MP camera (back) is alone know, no news about internal processor but assumed 800MHZ processor and 256mb of RAM, whether the camera supports HD video recording? The picture shows that the vertical positioning of the screen makes it more pocket friendly and is closer to a traditional candy-bar design instead of the square’ish look of the Samsung’s Galaxy Pro. Will LG's Optimus Pro take on Samsung’s Galaxy Pro a strong rival?

How to convert Facebook pages into excel spreadsheet

Obviously, mostly every one eager to registered & expose their face in the book - Facebook, the world's top social networking site, and now there are even networking addicts who want to be in touch and check out the account, often. And here is an option for those mentioned above, where they can spend time on Facebook but simultaneously hide Facebook from others or boss. A website developed by a university student allows you to automatically convert your Facebook news feeds into an Excel spreadsheet, Users can instantly see what their friends are up to on Facebook with updates appearing as new spreadsheet rows. Uploaded pictures and videos can be viewed by hovering over the entries, and users can interact by "liking" the updates with a simple click on the spreadsheet. So then how to convert your Facebook news feeds into an Excel spreadsheet? Log onto and convert your Facebook page into an excel spreadsheet. This innovative adaptation has man

How to set up Facebook Skype Video Chat

Facebook joins Skype to bring in Facebook + Skype Video Chat, rolling out in the next few weeks, Mark Zuckerberg says the feature brings together two of the web's most popular consumer services. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the agreement company's headquarters on Wednesday. Zuckerberg said Facebook has hit a record 750 million users. The new service, rolling out from Wednesday, could be a huge boost for Skype, which currently has about 145 million regular users. To get started with Facebook new feature Skype Video Chat : Follow the simplified steps to set up Facebook + Skype Video Chat All you need to do is, one-time setup thus you’re ready to call any friend on Facebook. If your friend isn’t available, you can always leave a video message. 1. Click the chat messenger to pop up -> then click the name of your friend you want video chat with 2. In the pop up chat window by click on a small blue video icon (‘start a video call') 3. It will prom