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Top 4 Important Gadgets for Students

Out of many gadgets out there with Hi-tech & improved features only 4 grabs the very important for the students in contemporary days where it was earlier only a  Paper materials (notebooks & pens) but now digitalized all way.

It may said that mostly Students update more than others as it time for them or have time to gather news about technology. As it so what's their top 4 important Gadgets they need to have?

Smartphone (combinational functions of personal digital assistant (PDA) &
mobile phone) equipped with more advanced computing ability and connectivity features comes with different models & latest varieties of apps not only communication, chatting, play games and listen music but also helps for research, recording lectures, checking grades, photographing lecture slides and notes.

Tablet (having all the features of a personal computer in tablet-sized computer) equipped with a rotat-able touchscreen and running a PC operating system like Windows or Linux. Helps students read e-books, taking notes & viewing information on the Internet.

Smartpen (very compact pen like device that tracks the movement of the pen) equipped with a microphone to record audio, a speaker for playback, a small OLED display, and an internal flash memory that captures written text, audio and drawings, easy to carry.

Headphones (pair of small loudspeakers connected to a signal course like radio, CD player or and portable media player) some students study better with music. High quality headphones block the unwanted noise. Students can use them in library as they keep surrounding noise outside.

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