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Tips to handle safe Blackberry phones?

It is very important how to safeguard a device like Blackberry that gives the sense of worth with all the important information stored on it, amazing lightening speed devices & other features added with convenience, efficiency, productivity and security all makes everyone craze to have such one. So here are few tips to safeguard such a device, Blackberry.

Handle Safe
Practice the habit of placing your device safe in handbag or pouches as soon as after use as size of Blackberry is lean and small which makes it prone for misplacement.

Nearly 160,000 handheld devices have been left in taxis of Chicago each year, states statistics of survey 2005.
Password Protection
Don’t miss Coding it with password: Options > Security Options > General Settings and then set password to be enabled. It also allows the device to be open before you want to lock it for 30 minutes or at any given time.

Even though if you missed it any where by the time no one can see the data in it and abuse as it is password protected.

Content Protection
Store the content of the machine by the Enabling content protection which will protect you data and emails. Even if the device is connected to any USB port then also you will not be able to read its memory.

Enable content protection: Options >Security Options > General Settings. Enable this option.
Also apply this protection to our Address Book.
Note: You perhaps discarded with the caller ID function. So measure the risks and then outweigh the inconvenience.

How to encrypt the files on media card?
Verify the BlackBerry Smartphone password and see that it is set well:
Go to Options (BlackBerry Smartphone home screen) -> choose the Advanced Options >Media Card from the media card options (depends on the BlackBerry Device Software version which is installed in eth Smartphone)

Methods to encrypt the files:
By setting the Encryption Mode field in the device you can use an encrypted key to protect your media files in the BlackBerry Smartphone .
set the security password field in the Encryption Mode field
to secure the data in your media files by an encryption key then you can always enable the Security Password & Device from the Encryption Mode field.
Set none in the Encryption Mode field if you want to turn off your media card
Click on the Yes option from the Encrypt Media Files to protect the following like videos, ring tones, pictures, and songs in the media card
Press the menu key. Click to save button

Clean & Clear your device before selling
Clean shine the device before signing it to others (sale) before selling your favorite Smartphone and have to consign it on eBay

Clear your Data by Options > Security Options > General Settings. Select Wipe Handheld by hitting the menu key and you will be prompt for rest of the process to avoid the embarrassing situation, others reading your email after buying it.

Follow the above mentioned steps and safeguard your handheld device.

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