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Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad Version 1551 Review

Splashtop Remote desktop which helps to allows control your PC’s screen & functions from the touch of your iPad, recently been updated to version is worth checking out by anyone who requires remote connections between an iDevice and a PC with some improved great features.

This Mac and Windows platforms are both supported App connect over a network from your iPad to your PC, which gives you access to the computer’s content from the iPad’s display.

The newly updated version comes with improved features especially
the Internet discovery support as it added due user requests, its nothing but allows you to search your computer’s network over a Wi-Fi connection based on Google’s email services.
Improved Internet discovery supports all registered users of Google services
Supports iOS 5 beta
UI and translations

Go everywhere with your iPad and have full access to your PC or MAC - 75% Off from regular price of $19.99

iPhone version 80% OffF regular price of $9.99.

Trick your PC as if you are in front of the PC through your iPad with Splashtop Remote Desktop

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