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Samsung PV210 Processor based latest Android 7 Inch Tablet

Followed by Samsung 7 inch tablet PC P1000, 7 inch android tablet not only look alike Samsung P1000 but use Samsung PV210 program also, with 7 inch capacitive touch screen, supports four points touch, feel smooth, equipped with android 2.3 OS, front camera.


Samsung PV210 processor
1.2GHz, 512M memory, 4G memory
Android2.3 system
7-inch 800 × 480 capacitive screen
4-touch support flash online play
Built-in e-government market
HDMI output, with Bluetooth
USB plug-in 3G &
Wireless hot spots to share
Front a front camera, the right four virtual touch keys

Virtual key operation is very sensitive
Interface part, double USB, HDMI output, memory card slot, headset, power supply inputs.
The other side is a two-channel speaker
Volume control buttons and power switch.
White bottom shell
TV broadcast client, as long as the network can watch TV

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