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How to create Wallpapers slideshow?

People of all ages ever like customizing their desktop with their favorite Wallpapers collection instead replacing them often with the one from the collection. How to make into a slideshow & moving one as well? Windows 7 pattern continues with an extensive set of options to change themes, menus, screensavers and wallpapers.

How to create wallpapers slideshow?
When a single image is selected it will display permanently whereas selecting multiple images will begin a slideshow..,

Goto desktop customization menu
by Right clicking on the desktop -> Personalize, Desktop Background (bottom left) that reaches you desktop wallpaper dialog window. Default setting is to take the wallpaper from the Windows Desktop Backgrounds folder.

Selecting a single image will display it permanently & selecting multiple images will begin a slideshow. From the Desktop Background menu you can select one or many wallpapers to display from the Desktop Background menu

First choose a file location from the Picture Location drop down menu or use the Browse button to customize these settings. The displayable content of the Wallpaper folder appear in the main window & only from here the image is selected to display. Each image has a box at the top left corner, choose one is ticked & if you remove the tick from any image that not needed.

Alike Windows XP and Vista options the dialog window are similar:
Picture position - customize fits picture onto the screen
Fill - full screen option
Fit - widescreen option
Stretch - resize image fit screen
Tile - multiple images
Center - centers the image
The Change Picture Every: slideshow option (this option enables if multiple images selected)
Select Timescale from the drop down menu
Shuffle, randomize option

The next one is moving screensaver display, Moving images alike screensaver but desktop icons disappear, start menu and applications remains normal.

From the Screen Saver Menu in the Personalization dialog box select a screensaver you need and get the name of the one you want to use.
Start menu -> type CMD in run box => CMD window opens
Type screensaver name to be displayed

It works now, to cancel this stop the process in Task Manager.

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