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Google Plus Hidden Statistical Data behind

And its all about the Google's new social networking site Google + that was launched in late June had 25 million unique visitors since July 24 with growing at a rate of roughly one million visitors a day comScore recently released a first look at visitation to Google+.

As of July 19, comScore showed Google+ at just about 20 million visitors worldwide in just 21 days
Increase 82% from the previous week & 561% Vs 2 weeks prior, worldwide
US audience surpassed 5 million visitors up 81% from the previous week & 723% from two weeks earlier

Comparison of Google + with other social network in attaining 25 million visitors:
Facebook - 3 years
Twitter - 2.5 years
MySpace - less Than 2 years..!

Country wise unique visitors
United States - 6 million (above)
India - 3.6 million (above)
UK - 1 million
Canada - 1 million
Germany - 920,000
Brazil - 780,000
France - 500,000
Taiwan - 500,000

comScore analyzed how Google+ is performing to date and who is using it, based on the first 21 days of its public existence (June 29, 2011 – July 19, 2011) data concerning unique visitors - which is different than “users” in that people who never sign up may visit Google+ pages that excludes usage via mobile devices.

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