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Free Interactive Desktop Calendar Software

For the people who prefers punctually obviously need a time scheduled customization for which many calendar software out there but Interactive Calendar becomes a part of your Windows theme and it cells right with the desktop wallpaper and becomes a part of the wallpaper while the others needs to be launched separately or that hides in your taskbar.
This free multifunctional calendar that can also work as a free scheduler or free planning software is a powerful and free
desktop calendar software that helps you to bring discipline in your personal and business life. Customize almost everything to make sure that it nicely blends in with the wallpaper you are using on your desktop.

The interface is very intuitive and hence makes planning tasks very easy and the position of the software, shadows, font, transparency and a lot more can be changed. You can also search your tasks or import them in CSV format or export them to XML or CSV format.

Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000
Becomes a part of your Windows theme by appearing on the desktop
Works 400% faster than the most of the calendar software
No jerky refreshes, lags or delays
Beautiful, attractive and intuitive interface
Customizable interface to make sure it blends in nicely with your wallpaper
Built in text editor that supports RTF formatting and spell checking
Free Interactive Desktop Calendar Download

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