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New Smoke detector alarms message to cell phones

Many would have come across some smoke detectors that indicates to be safe in and around the home but what makes this new smoke detector an exception from the average ones?
This new one comes with modern technology while the average smoke detector only indicates when you are in home, signals a loud noise when it detects smoke and in some cases flashing lights but Firetext Smoke Alarm helps you alarming
the problem by sending a message set by the user to up to 4 cell phone numbers even your not at home or not hooked with central monitoring system.

The Firetext Smoke Alarm which looks like an average smoke detector has an extra slot inside that supports a SIM card, like cell phone. And Alarms when it detects smoke.

The manufacture which stats 15% of house fires in the UK happen in vacant properties assures that their product will help aware of the situation before it's too late if residents are out of the house.

Firetext Smoke Alarm
Text Messaging Smoke Alarm
Alerts up to 4 recipient numbers
Easy 4 Step Setup
Battery powered, NO wiring required.
2 Year Guarantee

The Firetext Smoke Alarm which costs £89.99 ($139 CAD) should last about 2 to 4 years on one 9V lithium battery, with normal usage, available at Firetext.

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