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Latest Smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5 | Windows Phone IS12T

The 1st smartphone with Microsoft’s upcoming “Mango” build of Windows Phone, Windows Phone IS12T launched by Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications recently in Tokyo, will feature the smartphone operating system "Windows Phone 7.5," provided by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Windows Phone IS12T is Japan's first water and dust-proof smartphone featuring:
Windows Phone 7.5.
13.2 mega pixels
32 GB of internal memory

Despite of only these details know, its not known about the phone’s processors, RAM, and price, it will be available in 3 colors - pink, yellow, and black, when it ships in Japan sometime around September.

According to Microsoft in addition:
Much smoother operability compared to conventional smartphones
Windows Phone OS including Internet Explorer 9
E-mail conversation view
Chat-threading feature that integrates text, IM, and Facebook chat messages from single contacts into a single thread

Users can not only read and edit Microsoft Office documents, but can also store and share data through Windows Live SkyDrive, a free-of-charge cloud service operated by Microsoft.

Microsoft hopes that Windows Phone would allow the company to more favorably compete with main rivals Google and Apple in the smartphone OS race, but a year after its initial release Microsoft has actually lost market share according to IDC.

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