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Indian Techies contribution in Nokia app development

15 leading Indian apps developers from Bangalore contribution in developing, the one of handset gaints Nokia's “Invent The Future” which is to launch soon to drive the growth of its smart phones. The Finland- based company launched the app titled “ What You Can Control With The Nokia N8”, which allows users to control mini model cars using the Nokia smartphone.

Head of Nokia Forum India, Sunil Rao, said,
“We are certainly looking at such newer apps as growth drivers for the company’s smart phone

Director (marketing), Nokia India, Viral Oza, said
“The smart devices (market) is one of the three key focus areas for Nokia, according to our global strategy announced earlier this year,”

“We believe that smart phones will continue to evolve and enable consumers to communicate with a host of other gadgets and do a lot more with their devices. We believe that this concept will showcase the future of smart phones through the world of devices and apps,”

Bangalore based chip designing start- up Divum Corporate Services developed the app that helps control model cars:
“This app has been developed in three weeks. It provides consumers with a real life motion gaming experience. Through the device and app, the mini model cars can be controlled from anywhere on the planet through Internet connectivity as well.” & the company is working with nearly four lakh registered application developers in India" Rao said.

The company aims to garner a larger share of the smart phone segment of the market by developing newer apps and also welcoming ideas from customers.

A spokesperson said,
Nokia is also holding a contest inviting more ideas from its users starting from home automation to controlling their office gadgets remotely using smart phones.

Connecting people Nokia  is now engaging people - inviting ideas from its users to garner a larger share of the smart phone.

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