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How to create Google Plus account of your own

Google tuned itself big something impressive this time not alike before, where it failed to make a strong Impact with Google wave, Orkut, and other Google products.
The company just launched social network Google Plus few days back, offered very
few invites to the service that not available for all, now. Only a group of people including the press and a few others allowed entering up to 15 email addresses for trail. Accounts did not come with any allocated invitations, though, so it’s been widely reported that there are no Plus invites.

How to get a Google Plus account without an invitation?

Get stared with Google Account..!

You'll be taken to Google+ site by the clicking Google+ App, sign in using Google account, once you’ve logged in, it will then ask you to join and create a Google+ account. Make sure that you have a Google Profile before creating Google+ Account.

Alternatively, you can get a Google+ invite by asking any of your friends who are already on Google+ to write something and share it by typing in your email addresses. You will receive an email notification and a link to sign up.

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