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How Notebook or Netbook differs from Laptop

Most of them might know that Laptop and Notebook are actually not similar but when anyone ask you "What the difference between Laptop and Netbook" how could you explain it in simple words?
Laptop & Notebook
Laptop is a computer with additional portability whereas Notebook is a mini laptop with additional ultra portability the size & weight is pretty less than Laptop to an average diary and economically it’s a within the budget laptop ranging from 200$ to £150. It can be said that Notebook ranges
below Laptops & above smartphones and handheld computers to make kids understand :) (its very tough answering peculiar questions of Kids & convince them, isn't it)

Notebook (Mini laptops) Advantages such as multimedia, office computations, browsing & emails altogether in ultra portability is the reason why it proved to be great gadgets, even though Mini laptops are not as super luxurious as laptop as they cannot provide with intensive power for gaming and graphic programs.

And next considerable differences exist between Notebook and laptops in hardware, size of keyboard and screen became more compact and optical disc drives didn’t find any place in Notebook. But with the resolution at least 1024×600 of 9 - 10 inches screen of sizes and that was still nearly perfect for its general computing applications

Usage of Notebook is increase and extending in remote locations as well due to its significant factor, revolve around connectivity and improved portability. With 3G and netbooks Wi-Fi accessibility. The sales of netbook are definitely increasing as advantages and features of Notebook are being noticed by the customers, comparing the sales of last few years.

Comparing Netbook with Laptop and, Netbook is not exactly a laptop but with few dissimilarities, advanced version of laptop having improved portability, lighter weight, smaller size and available at reduced cost.

So according to your requirement you can analyze and select either Laptop or Notebook, which one suits you?

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