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AppleTV: 5 Simple Steps before calling Applecare

Before rushing immediately right after finding any fault in your AppleTV for Applecare service its better try few simple steps you can try to fix it yourself instead looking often for their assistance you can manage at times.

Simple Steps:

  • Unplug AppleTV & plug in power source after few moments which solves audio/video problems temporarily

  • Probably it could have a bad connection so disconnect all video/audio cables and reconnect them, you could even try using new cables to determine if you have a imperfect cable.

  • And through the settings menu for iTunes libraries, Disconnect from iTunes (AppleTV will lose all of its content) and reload your content reconnect by syncing the library with the AppleTV and using the code the AppleTV provides, now reload all content.

  • Eventually reformat the AppleTV to factory settings where it will erase all your settings and alike when you bought it new. You have to again download and installed the software updates if any before this process.

  • If above steps unfortunately not helps then get into Apple's own discussion forum in which others users problems & experience might guide to troubleshoot the exact problem in there. Even then you find no remedy, get start with your own query seeking suggestions in the forums. You need no wait for a long time because you get response immediately from many people who may experience the same problem. No Apple ID needed as you already have it if you are iTunes user.

But there aren’t too many troubles to shoot in newest Apple TV, Apple TV 2. As the content comes from iTunes or the Internet and nothing is loaded onto the device, most of the troubleshooting has to do with your Internet connection or home sharing.

  • In the settings menu check the Internet connection settings and Make sure you are connected to your network.

  • Make sure Home Sharing is turned on if you are using it, in menu->Computers setting->Home sharing settings

  • Power source of AppleTV from the TV should be Disconnected & reconnected

  • Reinstall/Restore the software (note: it loads most AppleTV software recent update)

  • Accessing the Apple Discussions site to troubleshoot the AppleTV problems, is the final step  if problem is not yet solved as mentioned above.

At times if nothing works then you can go ahead call Applecare for service

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