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5 simple steps to safeguard Wordpress Blog from Hackers

It doesn't mean everything is ok by just  setting up the blog by selecting suitable Domain and WordPress-friendly Web Hosting (web hosting reviews & list of web hosting services), but care needed more only after that to maintain & develop the site added with safety measures, securing the blogs & websites from the hard Cluster hands of hackers to prevent such problems.
And its time now at least to take steps all to safeguard it from hackers while we hear or see people's blog & websites hacked frequently.  Report alarms that hackers could be taking up to six cents of every Internet dollar of revenue.

Many WordPress Blog owners have complaints about their blogs hijacked in a variety of ways. And they have found ads on their WordPress Blogs that they didn't place there. Others have discovered
that when someone clicks a search engine link to be taken to their WordPress Blog they're instead taken to a totally different page full of ads that are often obscene and featuring computer viruses.

Nothing is very simple these days and so after setting up the blog with an apt domain and suitable WordPress-friendly web hosting (Here is list of various hosting service and you can find right from them) and WordPress installation also get secure your blog or as it is inevitable to take the necessary steps as precautions.

Prevention is better that cure

It’s better to follow prevention measures before they occur rather than meshing with remedying after the problem arises.

Your hard work till now could go worthless in a short span of time so safeguard up-to-date backups of your WordPress install and database in case of a terrible hack attack.

Pick up the right backup solution, there are even backup solutions that handle these tasks in real-time, but that can be considered overkill even if you can find solutions like this. Regular daily or even weekly, backup schedules should be enough for your needs. There are WordPress plugins available for doing this easily for you. WordPress hosting providers also offer such tools for you as well..,

In case of an attack on the security of your WordPress blog, it’s just a matter of reverting to the previous version of your database or website installation as preserved by your backup solution. This is why redundancy is critical in website security.

Simple but worthy Steps

To make your blog as hacker resistant as possible as can the following steps should be taken, once you get accustomed to regular backups..,

Update & Ensure WordPress installation & Plugins
Update WordPress install up-to-date.  Whenever a new WordPress installation update is released, you should update your plugins as well. Keep your WordPress install and plugins updated to ensure compatibility and safety with the latest WordPress update. A combination of WordPress plugins or any individual plugin can case vulnerabilities in your blog.

Admin and User Passwords
If you logged in on public computer, anyone who use the computer after that can easily access your account and break your site if you’re not careful. So make sure you sign out of your account if you logged in on others computer. Added a constant update of administrator and user passwords at regular interval of time or after the usage of other computers, is also a required best practice.

Customize the access
Limit and customize access to the administrator directory of your WordPress install using something like an IP restriction. Set rules for various accounts properly and grant account permissions. Also, you can set particular files as read-only and make them accessible by only administrators and specific users. But be careful not to block your own IP address and prevent yourself from accessing your own site.

Fill the Hackable Holes
Strengthen or Proof your web server in order to fill in these hackable holes as the majority of hacks that occur from WordPress blogs result from holes within the web servers of those blogs.

WP Security Confirmation
Download WP Security Scanner and run a report to see any current holes in your blog’s installation so you can prevent any future attacks. Eventually use this tool as your final check as it is easily one of the best out there for finding vulnerabilities within your WordPress install.

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