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10 Simple & Best Timepiece dynamic designs

While most of the people can just watch the time on their desktop, laptop, mobile phones & various gadgets and since the watches & clocks remains as extra fitting especially to decorate the work places, what could be done to add craze towards it?

Here is a set of clocks with dynamic designs that responds you to have such for your office, make a stylish look.

Apple iBook Clock

This clock created using a recycled Apple's case & iconic no-button mice as working pendulum bob clock has replaceable batteries, costs $69

Ball Clock
Reproduced by the Vitra Design Museum made up of Wood and metal with acrylic lacquer finish resembles the mid century articles, costs $ 335

Bubble Time
A Simple no indication hours reading clock puzzles you to assume time by just with its strokes but not readings, costs $215

Focus clock
This Hypnotic clock design which avails in 3 colors Red silver & black rocks from side to side independently of the hands alike the traditional pendulum will sure turn back any one to watch for not only note time but also for its rhythmic movement..,

This sensational wall clock of 25cm (Diameter) cost: $27

Karisson Calendar Clock Flip:

This calendar clock of Flip mechanism Measures 17 by 17 by 6-Inch. Requires 2 D and 1 AA battery, costs $ 203.84

Math Pop Quiz Clock
This mathematical equations marked for each hour timed clock will be best choice for the math brilliants also recalls others the studying periods of white chalk, board all those things.
A small riddle solving the equations and finding the time - for instance 6.2 (6*2) = 12, costs $26.99

o'Coque Parete
This egg shaped Cuckoo clock with Battery quartz movement made in wood. Cuckoo strike is switched off automatically during the night controlled by a light sensor. Costs $ 390

On the Fritz Clock
This On The Fritz Clock though looks alike a perfectly buttoned-down office clock but differs with unpredictable behavior of the second hand funny movements.

Measures 8 inches in diameter, plastic & metal - costs $ 29.99

Pantone Guide
This Rainbow toned clock is a foldable clock that shows time in colorful way with Multi-color, 60 cm Diameter, Plastic - Metal, Costs $ 95

Pixel Time
Pixel Time Wall Clock that measures 12 inches in diameter & requires 1 AA battery, costs $24.99

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