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Japan Electric Car SIM-LEI with Prominent Velocity

While there is a need here today for environment friendly systems & mechanism the electric cars stills not relived from the disadvantages: costly batteries and the lack of conveniently-located recharging points which constraints the growth of such mechanisms, Japanese vehicle specialist Sim-Drive unveiled an electric car in Tokyo, that can travel more than 300 kilometers (207 miles), hopes to take the this 4 Seater "SIM-LEI" (LEI = Leading Efficiency In-Wheel motor) which has motors inside each wheel and a super-light frame covers the mileage on one charge in a test, target to market by 2013 through its development partners, says the designers.
Earlier SIM-Drive announced that 34 companies and municipalities, including automakers Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Isuzu Motors Ltd., were forming a consortium to

develop a new electric car prototype, with mass-market sales being the end goal.

The SIM-LEI has in-wheel motors and can seat up to four. It runs on lithium ion batteries made by Toshiba Corp. that have a capacity of 24.9 kWh, roughly the same as EV batteries on the market. The vehicle can accelerate from zero to 100 kph in 4.8 seconds, a performance equal to that of high-end sports cars, according to SIM-Drive.

Automakers such as Nissan, which launched its all-electric Leaf last year with a 160-kilometre range, are gambling that electric cars with zero tailpipe emissions will catch on and, some time in the future, start to drive traditional petrol-guzzlers off the road.

SIM-LEI (LEI = Leading Efficiency In-Wheel motor) General Specification:
Overall Length / Width / Height - 4700mm/1600mm/1550mm

Number of seats  - 4

Weight - 1650kg

Drive System - Outer rotor direct drive in-wheel motor
Drive - 4WD

Range per charge
by JC-08 mode - 333km
@ 100km/h constant - 305km

Driving energy consumption
By JC-08 mode - 77Wh/km
@ 100km/h constant - 84Wh/km

Maximum speed 150km/h

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