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7 inch Samsung new Galaxy Tab Computers is a cheaper variant

Consumer electronics giant, Samsung is looking forward, by releasing a cheaper & compact variant to build on the moderate success of its first tablet foray. This new variant is a Wi-Fi-only version that is set to hit retail outlets from April 10.

With not yet held aside but mostly with same core specifications and design features of the existing Tab it could be said that it mainly differs from other tabs with price rate.

President of Samsung mobile Dale Sohn, states:

We are excited to have the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab join our growing portfolio of Galaxy-branded devices,”

“The 7-inch Galaxy Tab is the first truly mobile tablet on the market, allowing users to comfortably hold the device in one hand while typing or navigating the Web with the other,”

Specifically, while the 3G/Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab currently sells for a contract-free price of $549 USD (for the 16GB model) via Amazon, the new Wi-Fi version will be aiming to lure prospective buyers away from the competition (i.e., the Apple iPad) with a tempting contract-free price of $349 USD (for 32GBs of data storage)

7 inch Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab will be available through leading U.S. outlets:
Circuit City, TigerDirect and CompUSA and more retailers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Later in 2011, Samsung is expected to add larger and improved 8.9-inch and 10.1-inch models to the Galaxy Tab range.

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