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Blogging Spam Restriction & New Interface as well, Google's Blogger

On a close watch one could see some changes in Google's both Blogger and Search Engine basically, perhaps Google made some changes to remove or restrict low-quality & more quantity content or spam in the search results as well.

However Goolge dared to do so where many Google's own Blogger ( out off search results, it doesn't mean all the blogspot (Google's own blog) are so but many blogger who created blogs that pump out trash arises more in numbers not that it is bad but there are so many blogspot blogs that is actually informative also out there, despite Google's free and easy blogging pages which attract a certain element that crank out a fair amount of trash.

For instance you would have experienced at times that you found no content following the path from Google search but heads some where that lacks the content what you followed for.

And very recently the image uploading quantity and function was also changed perhaps again the action of restricting unwanted material.

Simultaneously there also new features from Google's Blogger arrive's soon with the platform having a background of one of the largest blogging platforms and the 6th largest website in the world, according to Alexa.

Google's Blogger had introduced;

  • Template designer

  • Real-time stats

  • Comment spam filtering

  • Mobile templates

  • Web fonts and more.., in it's service.

New Interface
Here is the sneak peek at the next-generation user interface. The new design is cleaner and more modern and also uses Google Web Toolkit as well, delivering the latest in web technology.

Goolge's Blogger New Post Editor Interface
Goolge's Blogger New Dash Board Interface

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