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Apple's iPad 2 will it Sustain other rivals?

Apple, Amidst the curiosity over iPad Steve Jobs who is in medical leave returned back appeared with the surprise on Wednesday, taking the stage to unveil the much-anticipated Apple Inc's new iPad 2.

And not off a long gap we discussed the comparison of Motorola Xoom tablet with Apple iPad, Jobs came back unveils the new Apple iPad, what it is of all about ensuring that the Apple iPad will remain superior among other rivalry products.

The new iPad 2 took the spotlight during a press event at San Francisco's with dramatically faster iPad 2 boasts a dual-core A5 "system on a chip" processor under the hood, said Jobs, good for twice the CPU power and nine times the graphics performance of the original while maintaining the same 10-hour battery life.

The Thinner but faster new iPad slightly shorter and narrower than the original (according to Apple's specs a bit lighter than the iPad 1, has dual cameras,) including a front-facing camera for VGA-quality video chat, while the rear camera will be good for 720p video capture. (Apple hasn't listed specific mega pixel counts for the iPad 2's cameras yet.)
Dimensions        : 9.5 by 7.31 by 0.34 inches
Diagonal screen
size/resolution : 9.7 inches, 1,024 by 768
Weight               : 1.3 pounds (Wi-Fi-only), 1.33 pounds (Wi-Fi + 3G)
Processor           : 1GHz dual-core Apple A5
Cameras            : VGA in front, 720p video capture-capable in back
Battery              : 10 hours of Wi-Fi surfing
Ports                   : 30-pin dock connector
Connectivity   : Wi-Fi, 3G
Platform           : iOS 4.3
Price                   : $499 (for 16GB Wi-Fi version) up to $829 (for 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G model)
Release date    : March 11 (U.S.), March 25 (additional countries)

However it depends in the lineup of sleek new tablets from the likes of Dell, HP, LG, Motorola, and Samsung. while the hottest new tablets (such as the Motorola Xoom and the upcoming LG G-Slate) are based on Google's tablet-oriented Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" OS, although we'll also be seeing such non-Android tablets as HP's WebOS-based TouchPad and the BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM.

Whether iPad 2 a worthy successor to the iPad? One week to go for the result but however you  can also share your ideas about this new tablet..,

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