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2 Free Fresh Google Android Apps, Social & Travel

Twitter and UrbanSpoon, 2 fresh apps arrive as 2.0 updates with a host of improvements over their earlier releases, Google rounds out freshies with Blogger for Android.

Twitter update (Free)
The official Twitter app just got an update to version 2.0. with more important new features:

  • Easier navigation and layout

  • Scan your contacts to find friends that are on twitter (under search screen)

  • Universal search

  • Autocomplete @usernames while tweeting

  • Easier photo uploading

  • Faster tweet actions (reply, retweet, follow, etc.)

Tweet more easy
Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world with the official Twitter for Android app.
Realtime search, trending topics and maps show whats happening now.
Tweet, send DMs, share photos, videos and links to your friends and the world.

App Details
Version 2.0.0
Category: Social
Released February 10, 2011
Publisher: Twitter, Inc.

Urbanspoon update (Free)

The iPhone app made famous in a TV commercial just got an update on Android. A new user interface gives you easier access to exciting eateries in your environs.

In this release, you can quickly narrow the results to a city or local region. One tap brings you to reviews of the current restaurant highlighted in the big ol’ food slot machine. Finally, the app fixes many bugs from the prior release.

Recent changes:

  • Fresh, redesigned interface

  • See nearby restaurants, browse your city and more.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Can't decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. Shake your phone and Urbanspoon suggests restaurants near you. Keep shaking until you find a restaurant you'd like to try.

Available in the US, Canada, and most major cities in the UK and Australia.

App Details
Version 2.0.0
Category: Travel, Travel & Local
Released February 09, 2011
Publisher: Urbanspoon Team

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