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Smartphones Camera with new-tech auto focus system

Modifying the sizes smaller but simultaneously increasing features and back up is what insists the gadgets to go innovative day by day newer and newer targeting our pockets in this competition but here comes a technology all from an Institute this time.

And here is a system with auto focus that altered with liquid pistons replacing the heavy mechanical auto focus controls on smart phones camera.

This new technology with auto focus system is called 'liquid pistons’ that can focus without any movements of mechanical parts developed by a team of engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Liquid Pistons
Liquid pistons can be used to precisely pump small volumes of liquid. Comprising the pistons are droplets of nanoparticle-infused Ferro fluids, which can also function as liquid lenses that vibrate at high speeds and move in and out of focus as they change shape. These liquid pistons could enable a new generation of mobile phone cameras, medical imaging equipment, implantable drug delivery devices, and possibly even implantable eye lenses.

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