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Latest 3D Glass mood adjustor Technology, InteraXon Launch

And while with the simple questions of normal users is what next in 3D Glasses? InteraXon one of the digital innovations, Canada based company unveiled its latest products incorporating Thought Controlled Computing-a technology that lets users control a digital interface using simply the power of their concentration.

The company has created 3D glasses that can detect
your mood and will adjust what you’re watching according to how you’re feeling,

Their creations include thought-controlled 3D glasses that tests a person’s ability to focus their mind for an extended period of time,

“We’ve developed a simple sensor that sits on your forehead and reads your brainwaves,” said InteraXon CEO Ariel Garten.

“It’s just like a heart monitor that can read your heart rate. And the software translates your brainwave data and uses it to control your virtual world,” said Garten.

He called it a brain/computer interface, or BCI, and InteraXon builds it into a simple, lightweight headband.

“It (3-D glasses) gives you the ability to watch a movie or televised content, and it knows the state that you’re in, whether it be scared, excited, or bored,” said Garten. (ANI)

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