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How to Login Multiple Accounts on a Web Site

Using Multiple Accounts simultaneously is what most them needs with restricted time, the job as to done all on a go within the limited span of time and so opening all the accounts and get the work completed soon, is what preferable for them. previous post multiple Yahoo messenger and multiple Gtalk would have helped and now following that - How to Login to Multiple Accounts on Same Web Site?

Its quite common users having many accounts in Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, forums and other accounts using it same time.

Multiple Accounts - Web Site

Likewise it also easy making it possible in Websites where users has to login, log out and then again login and log out with different account in a same website manually as most modern web browsers generally has no built-in capability for that purpose.

As the single centralized and shared cookies store across all tabs and windows in single browser session not allow to login to the same website with different account even by opening new tab or window.

Tweaks to access multiple accounts simultaneously

Install Multiple Web Browsers
Manually you can login to different accounts and use by installing different browsers after taking to the account that the system memory and disk space would let you cope up with it. Each account with each Web Browser.

Internet Explorer (Newer Version)
And more easier to the above method, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and newer version helps you by the system that has separate cookies management, lets a new Session option that allows user to start a new browser window as new session of multiple account, possible here because of separate cookies management system.

Open New Session Browser Window:- File/New Session to open a new privacy browser window to login to another account by clicking safety and select “InPrivate Browsing” (Ctlr+Shift+P)

Mozilla Firefox

This web browser helps you with the few add-ons for Firefox, this add-ons maintain different cookie storage for different tabs or windows, allowing separate instance of cookies to be created for each logins in different tabs or windows in parallel.

Multifox extension for Firefox
Right click on the links or bookmarks and select “Open in a New Identity Profile” in the context menu, or select “New Identity Profile” in “File” menu.

Install CookiePie extension for Firefox (chech out it supports with some extensions)
Open a new tab, and then right click on the tab to “Toggle On/Off CookiePie” (Indication Notes)

Google Chrome
Tools icon/New Incognito Window (short cut key - Ctrl+Shift+N)
Now sign onto the other account in the same site.

Chrome Incognito mode is a privacy feature which allows creation of two different instances of cookies, effectively treat Chrome Incognito mode as multi-login feature. Note that the browsing history, cookies and session won’t be saved while using this option.

Stainless Web Browser
Stainless helps Mac OS X operating system users, it has built-in support for parallel sessions, which allow you to log into a site using different document in separate tabs at the same time.
Install Stainless for Mac.

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