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DriveSmart Plus App T-Mobile block Calls & Texting

T-Mobile has developed a new service, DriveSmart Plus, which automatically disables most texting and calling features when a phone senses that it is in motion.

Distraction in driving due to Mobile calls and texting
T-Mobile USA's vice president of applications says

"We heard loud and clear from our customers that distracted driving is an issue they care deeply about. They want to help themselves drive responsibly, and they want to make sure their kids are doing the same,"

The leading provider of mobile location-as-a-service infrastructure and applications, Location Labs - DriveSmart Plus application on T-Mobile devices, the industry's first carrier-grade service to help prevent texting while driving, specifically designed for T-Mobile customers with Android smartphones.

DriveSmart Plus
DriveSmart application determines how quickly a phone is switching between cell phone towers. When it senses that the phone is moving faster than 10 mph, within a few minutes, it automatically sends phone calls to voicemail or a hands-free Bluetooth headset (depending on which version the customer selects). It sends text messages to a user's inbox.

Depending on the phone, the application can also disable audible alerts so that the driver isn't even aware of incoming messages.

Location Labs' CEO Tasso Roumeliotis said
The application would initially only be available on newer T-Mobile Android phones. But considering that the response to the service has been "exceptional," they hope to reach other platforms

In the event of an emergency or if the user is a passenger in a car, DriveSmart Plus allows the user to override 'Driving Mode'. Parents can choose to be notified by text message or e-mail when the override occurs and can view phone usage during the override from the DriveSmart Web interface.

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