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Apple challenged by Google software, Japan DoCoMo and LG Electronics

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's top mobile operator, is to launch a tablet computer that run on software developed by Google and which will be produced by LG Electronics .

Google Android operating system + Japan NTT DoCoMo + South Korea's LG Electronics = challenge Apple's hot-selling iPad.

The device (above mentioned equation) is scheduled to be released in Japan by the end of March
- reports, Nikkei business daily.

The tablet computer is expected to have a smaller than 9-inch screen, while the other details yet to be decided.

The tablet PC would compete with a slew of models from the likes of Dell, Samsung Electronics and Sharp to challenge Apple's iPad in the new gadget segment.

And Google is expected to release a tablet-friendly operating system worldwide in early this year.

Apple, how it is to  face and react the challenge of  Google software, Japan DoCoMo and LG Electronics, will it take any tuning further..?

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