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6 Best iPad Apps Games Free Download

Its no wonder that every one from Kids to Aged love games and as nowadays Gadgets had simplified bringing all in Hand, there are varies Games out there and some especially darned for each and every gadgets, while there are so many prominent Apps out there but here we start with Games for iPad to make a trail or go for another as there is thousands & thousands of games. Let start the hunt from games.., :)

10 Pin Shuffle HD (Bowling) Lite

10 Pin Shuffle 3D bowling games with powerful Newton physics engine deliver some of the most realistic 3D bowling pin physics.


SLS AMG HD Graphically sound app is one fun iPhone gaming app that’s available for the iPad too enjoy the super-sports car ride.

Need for Speed Shift

Speed Shift is a free gaming app from Electronic arts that helps you to play the popular car game.

Rhythm Racer 2 HD

This free and fun filled Rhythm Racer 2HD iPad app is a jolly and user's friendly game bosted with music, racing game and guitar hero.

Simple operation Just a tilt of your iPad left or right to steer and pickup power spheres side by side enjoy songs

Cube ( multiplayer)

This fun-filled game play comes with multiplayer; add to the excitement editable and open source app

Pocket Legends - multiplayer online role-playing game

This is a Mobile MMORPG/massively-multiplayer online role-playing game that can be played with thousands of players from around the globe, play with your friends and also make new friends online and enjoy. App Store more Games

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