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World First 3D Website need any Assist to go ahead

Stereografix, a UK company has launched a stereoscopic 3D website which is designed specifically for viewing on 3D HD TV sets, a compatible browser and the all-important glasses. Although the website is still a prototype, the basic requirements to correctly view 3D components on the website include your computer/laptop to be connected to a 3D television, a compatible browser and 3D viewing glasses.

A message on the site says
We think the Stereoscopic 3D Web is probably the world’s first 3D website. It is designed to be viewed exclusively on the new generation of Stereoscopic 3D HD TV sets

And the statement of Stereografix founder Saif Chaudhry
“I don't think many people are even thinking this far ahead, and we've got a prototype already. It's not every day you can say you're first with something where the internet is concerned.”

"I think there needs to be a lot more 3D TVs and computer monitors out there before it becomes mainstream, but people aren't just going to go out and buy these things unless they've got something to show on them."

The above statement clears that
, its just an introduction, before other companies comes up with this technology, which required further more tuning for regular use that should be reliable.

While the days of browsing the web in three dimensions are a while away, Chaudhry also hopes to bring businesses and freelancers to the North East to learn more about 3D from the company’s new 3D training courses. The courses are eligible for funding of up to £800 from Skillset.

He said: “We’re hoping they will attract people to the region. People in a range of industries can get a grant for them and learn how to make 3D games, films and animation.”

Though the website isn’t really the internet’s first 3D website, while now Youtube and similar, offering 3D content, but can taken for granted as a stepping stone, the Stereoscopic 3D Web is the first website that boasts of a 3D interface.

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