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Top 6 LCD TV Producers Of 2010

A rapid growth in all technology this year and especially Television with wide ranges - LCD, HD, 3D.., what next? Hope next will be soon or at least there will be a view over it, coming year.

We discussed about the 3D Website - a stepping stone to next generation Websites, earlier through, and here its all about Television and the Market stats of both: the ending year and new one which is nearing.., Happy New Year :)

Market Comparison yearly vise:

Year - 2010
The LCD TV market expected over
180 million units in 2010

Samsung Electronics:
The leading vendor with 35 million LCD TVs and almost 40 million flat panel units with plasma TVs included in 2010 (Aims to ship 45 million LCD TVs in 2011)

LG Electronics
Follows with 25 million LCD TVs (aims to ship 35 million units)
Japan-based vendors:

  • Sony remain top in 2010

  • Toshiba second largest (ship almost 13 million LCD TVs in 2010 - strategy in controlling prices, channels and OEM)

  • Sharp (ship around 12 million units)

Year - 2011
The LCD TV market expected over 210 million units in 2011, due to demand for LCD TVs from emerging market is surging, as well as new technologies such as Internet TV or 3D TV.

Through orders from Philips, Toshiba, China-based vendors and channel vendors:

  • TPV Technology will remain the leading OEM for LCD TV in 2011 with over 20 million shipments

  • Foxconn is expected to follow in second with 15-18 million units in shipments.

  • Compal Electronics and Wistron are also expected to continue to increase due to orders from vendors

With Sony gearing up for the competition in 2011 and aiming to ship around 35 million units, Wistron is expected to benefit as Sony may release more mid-range to entry-level models for outsourcing.

Compal is expected to benefit from the rising outsource orders from Toshiba, while BriView Electronics reportedly landed small volume orders from Panasonic, in addition to its existing orders from Toshiba.

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