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How to restore Broken Shortcuts in Windows

Normally when you uninstall or remove any application which have shortcuts created, then these becomes invalid shortcuts, then ho w to restore the broken shortcuts in Windows?

ConsumerSoft has just released Broken Shortcut Fixer, a newest freeware title offer an easy tool to scan your computer from broken shortcuts. Broken Shortcut Fixer will also automatically repair any shortcuts that it can find using the Windows link resolve method. It also lets users examine or delete any shortcuts that cannot be repaired.

• Freeware Application
• Finds & Repairs Broken Windows Shortcuts
• Works with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP

How to repair:
Click "Scan Shortcuts" to repair and find broken shortcuts
Double-click broken shortcuts to view them in Windows
Hover over a broken shortcut to see the broken path
"Delete Broken Shortcuts" will send the selected shortcuts to the Recycle Bin

Download Broken Shortcut Fixer and repair your shortcuts

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