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How to find free WordPress Theme that is Malware free

While there is risk of theme malware, many users are left wondering where the safest place to find free WordPress themes is.

Its no doubt WordPress Theme Directory is the best place to find free WordPress themes that is safe..,

Though Themes can be submitted to the directory by almost any author, but the themes are thoroughly checked for quality and safety by a team of dedicated volunteers. And it will be an easy job to find an apt theme for your blog out of 1,200 free themes and a handy tag filter interface over there..,

Because Theme malware is a serious issue. By installing
a free theme from any source except the official WordPress Theme Directory, you could be unknowingly running spam ads, subjecting your visitors to invasive scripts, or leaving your blog open to malicious attack.

Two Plugins that helps to find you the safe theme

  • Exploit Scanner

  • Theme-Check

Though you can find free themes other places Like Theme Lab but its not certain that downloaded theme its safe, and however if you download themes from the official WordPress Theme Directory which is safe but also you should install both the Exploit Scanner and Theme-Check plugins for further confirmation.

It’s generally safe to download and install a free theme from the actual developer’s site, but you should still run both plugins just to be sure.

Exploit Scanner plugin
After installing the theme you selected immediately make to Run the Exploit Scanner plugin;

  • if the “Level Severe” category shows result fails just delete the theme and find another

  • If the Exploit Scanner gives a positive result, activate the theme and run the Theme-Check plugin

Theme-Check plugin
Like vise if the Theme-Check plugin results positive go ahead with your theme, it is safe.

If you are ever uncomfortable with any of the results from the Exploit Scanner or Theme-Checker plugins, delete the theme and find another.

To be safe, make sure that you either get your free themes from the official WordPress Theme Directory or at least run the Exploit Scanner and Theme-Check.

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