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Google and Samsung develops Nexus S Smartphone

Google co-developed with Samsung in bring out Nexus S Smartphone, the first device to run Android 2.3, codenamed "Gingerbread", new flagship Android phone - ensuring tight integration of hardware and software to highlight the latest advancements of the Android platform. As part of the Nexus brand, Nexus S delivers what we call a “pure Google” experience: unlocked, unfiltered access to the best Google mobile services and the latest and greatest Android releases and updates.

The very first Android phone hit the market in November 2008, and now The Nexus S which will go for sale Dec. 16 among the expectations of volume and variety of Android devices continuing
day by day.

Google worked with Samsung to develop the Nexus S, which is also outfitted with Android 2.3, the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, nicknamed Gingerbread, which the company says is speedier than previous iterations, will sell for:

  • $529 as an unlocked phone without a contract

  • Also available for $199 with a two-year service agreement with T-Mobile

Nexus S is the first smartphone to feature a 4” Contour Display designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and along the side of your face featuring:

  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor

  • 16GB of internal memory

  • NFC (near field communication) hardware that lets you read information from NFC tags. NFC is a fast, versatile short-range wireless technology that can be embedded in all kinds of everyday objects like movie posters, stickers and t-shirts

  • Sleek new contoured display designed to curve alongside its owner’s face

  • Also the screen guarded with a special coating to minimize smudging and fingerprints

  • In addition, front and rear facing cameras to facilitate video-chatting and a 5-megapixel camera on the back for conventional snapshots

  • The phone and the latest version of Android also include near-field communication technology, which allows people to swipe their phones across compatible sensors and do things like make a mobile payment

  • HD video playback and 720-by-480 video capture

  • New added Gyroscope sensor

  • Wi-Fi 802.11n (supports Wi-Fi hotspot mode)

Nexus S delivers what we call a “pure Google” experience: unlocked, unfiltered access to the best Google mobile services and the latest and greatest Android releases and updates
- Google blog

"The platform now supports extra large screen sizes, such as those that might be found on tablet devices,"
- Google developer

But there's no information about a tablet channel in the Android Market, or any Android Market support for tablet devices that don't include phones. That may have to wait for the next release, codenamed "Honeycomb"

Gingerbread will also be available on other devices, and Google said it will roll out to Nexus One phones "in the coming weeks." It may be months until other users see Gingerbread, though, as most upgrades get filtered through manufacturers and carriers.

The Nexus One, which Google sold directly to consumers, was plagued by weak sales and customer complaints. But Google’s sustained interest may be a sign that the company is still trying to broaden the appeal of Android’s technology and ensure its competitiveness with rivals like Apple, Microsoft and Research in Motion.

Perhaps in an effort to learn from past mistakes, Google is taking a slightly different strategy with the Nexus S. Instead of attempting to sell the device directly to consumers, and deal with having to provide customer support for the devices, the company teamed up with Best Buy to sell the new phone in both its physical and online stores.

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