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China Unicom 3G version of Apple iPad plans

China Unicom and Apple's high-level talks held in Hong Kong, yesterday, regarding the 3G version of Apple iPad and apt launch time.

China Unicom and Apple will directly determine the outcome of the negotiations to introduce 3G version of China Unicom iPad prices and sales policies says the report.

China Unicom, has repeatedly expressed a high desire to
introduce iPad, since earlier. The industry is expected, as with the iPhone 4, 3G version of iPad sales in the mainland, in 2 modes:

  • one is the way to sell at subsidized iPad Unicom contract plan

  • China will be available at Apple's bare metal

Last week, 3G version of the iPad has passed 3C certification, model A1357 - said Unicom, also added  that the 3G version of the communication module iPad, sales to be licensed if the Ministry of Industry and network permits. No news yet about the status currently.

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