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7 tips to protect your eyes, regular Pc users

Its well known by all that computer dominates the whole world and most of our work oriented with it, it is inevitable for one at contemporary days.., there are many and many people who's time is very minimal who are away from computer TV and games etc.., though it may cause many problems to the heavy Pc users (Users most of the time in front of Pc) but the most prior is Eyes.., because the first you may be affected is by eyes.

Obviously there is no of way get ridding out off computers, TV and games. Then how else we can protect it from damages.., there are tips to safeguard and simultaneously continue our personal and professional likes as well.

Here are some tips of ophthalmologist to help us with our problems

1.Lubricate your eyes
You would have felt your eyes dry and itchy at times reason is lack of lubrication, Re-wetting eye drops (basically artificial tears) lubricate your eyes and relieves lot of strain. These drops should be used at least 5-6 times a day, but can be used whenever necessary, try and opt for drops without preservatives.

2.Hot water treatment
After your work before going to bed don’t forget the treatment: take some hot water (not too hot!) :) dip a clean white cloth in it squeeze mildly until the water doesn't drops.., close your eyes and place the cloth over your eyelids.., this relieves you from lot of strain in eyes. If possible you can even try this treatment few times a day when you take breaks.

3.Have a break to entertain
Shot breaks are really important to relieve your eyes strain, can be done a few minutes every hour: Talking to a co-worker for a minute or two, relaxing your site watching distant objects

4.Exercise for eyes and lubrication s well
While working on your Pc you may also blink your eyes at regular intervals, blinking causes lubrication in the eyes, and dry eyes will definitely take a toll on your viewing. (Tell the reason about your blink to your co-workers because they not only mistaken you but they also follow it) :)

However it’s better to consult your ophthalmologist before stepping forward.

And few more tips what i prefer personally for myself is:

5.Soothing your eyes by greens
While working on your Pc Turn gently around for windows and watch the greenish trees and plants for few moments, it’s not only relaxes our eyes but also reduces the work pressure or tension or strain, what ever it is.

6.Use Glasses
Consult a optician and opt an optical like anti-reflecting glasses that best suits your eyes and use it regularly while working on your Pc

7.Extend the gap of MonitorExtend the distance of Monitor right from your sight as possible as you can (place close to the end of your table) and also seat the monitor below your eye sight level as well.

Give Importance to Eye Care.., Take Care..,

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