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Sony Monolithic screen 3d model tilting television

Sony's tilting television is the world's first tilting television ever with amalgamation of Monolithic screen + 3d model can be rested vertically or adjusted to 6 degrees backwards lean according to the convenience of the viewers.

Sony Europe's senior manager, technology marketing, Tim Page says

“Most people don't put their televisions at waist height any more; they set them up a foot or two off the ground,”

-Daily Mail

"It's exactly the same as sitting in front of a laptop - you tilt the screen back so you can see it properly" Page added.

Sony new tilting television available in:

  • 40 inches and 55 inches

  • Sleek body and 3D models

  • Price ranges 1,300 Pounds and 3000 Pounds respectively

Sony researchers says

“A six degree lean is the ideal angle - any less doesn't make much of a discernible difference, and any more could lead to reflections from ceiling lights getting in the way.”
No more stress in seeing the screens in fixed angle for bit more time a comfortable watch, experts see the television as the best angle for comfortable viewing.

So, it favors watching from our eye levels lowering towards (backward tilting) the screen but up level? Sony currently has no plans to produce a forward-tilting screen for those who prefer a carpet-level viewing position. Expecting that too, too soon?

Though a mount can does this job and fulfill this leaning options but here what Sony does is? It in-build leaning options with in it itself, that sets to be the world's first tilting television. Isn’t it?

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