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OAKLEY 3D GASCAN new dimension to 3 Dimension technology

It’s to be said that movies also insist or claim sophisticated and improved technology to the products from its part, while the 3D TVs is gearing top, Eye wear maker  Oakley announced a new initiative eye wear in the market, 3D Gascan.

Disney s TRON: Legacy, highly anticipated 3D film is set to open on December 17th, 2010, Sequel of TRON that proved superior in special effects. And as it Oakley taken next step making the 3D glasses Sleek and Qualitative than that now which perhaps not comfortable for the viewers to wear and its where this glasses manufacturer change the state by branding it initiative.

Oakley 3D Gascan glasses designed to work in 3D-enabled movie theaters that use
RealD technology qualifies from earlier product by:

  • Good fit

  • Better peripheral vision

  • Distortion and comfort

OAKLEY 3D GASCAN new Dimension to 3 Dimension with:

  • Optical Clarity

  • Truer Alignment of 3D Images

  • Truer Colors

  • Better Light Management

  • Optimized Durability

Available Accessories:

  • GASCAN replacement Lens

  • Large Soft Vault

  • Large Metal Vault

  • OAKLEY Lens cleaning Kit

According company it says this new 3D glasses is wraparound style not only for looks, but also for better peripheral vision and you could use this "optically correct" lenses in all the places:

  • 3D Movie in theater

  • 3D TVs at home

  • 3D Games at home

Gascan is the first model based on a current style of sunglasses Oakley but it now replaces the polarized sunglass lenses with optimized lenses for watching 3D content with technology “HDO-3D”. In the attempt to minimize eye strain, maximize comfort watch and style look, the company's optical scientists have developed it last two years.

However, this sophisticated Sleek and Qualitative 3D Glass, comes with a price: $120 in Black or White. OAKLEY 3D GASCAN - View in 3D

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