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Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta of Android, Download

Mozilla announced latest release of Faster and Sleeker Firefox 4 Beta for mobile that is now available for Download in 10 languages on your Android smartphone platform or Maemo device comes with improved interface.

Stuart Parmenter said
"There is still room for improvement and we’ll continue to make the install size smaller."
"We received a lot of great feedback on the previous beta
and addressed many of the issues reported, including reduced memory usage, improved text rendering and a 60-percent install size reduction on Android,"

List of features tweaked from Beta 1:

  • 60% install size reduction (from 43 MB, Beta 1 to 17 MB,Beta 2)

  • Reduced memory usage

  • Improved text rendering

  • Much faster Panning and zooming are

  • 40% quicker Page load times

  • 25% faster on the SunSpider Javascript benchmark

  • Accelerated the speed of touch operation
The company adds further with few new in this release includes

  • New theme (Firefox's fresh new look)

  • Ability to easily share links with your friends from the Site Menu

  • Ability to undo closing a tab

  • New "Feedback" button in the Browser Controls panel

  • More stable than the last release

  • Easier bug tracking (borrowing the desktop version's easy-to-submit crash reporting)
According to Mozilla its further tuning in it next release includes:

  • Hardware acceleration (even faster scrolling and zooming)

  • Enable HTML5 video (for more rich browsing experience to phone)

  • Improve browser responsiveness while Firefox Sync completes the initial sync of your data

Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta of Android - Download

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