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Microsoft Xbox 360 Dashboard Updated video game console

Microsoft added Xbox 360 Dashboard is an Update to Xbox; Xbox 360 is the second video game console product of Microsoft in a go competing with Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii

What are the features updated to specify:
  • ESPN channel with live

  • Zune Music service

  • Streamlined Netflix searching

  • Improved voice chat quality (replaced existing audio codec)

  • Rescaled the dashboard's selection boxes
Microsoft Xbox 360 dashboard which employs pages called "blades, is crowded with submenu options:
  1. Traded blade-pages for a simpler X-Y menu

  2. Off-center crossbar menu

  • up or down movement for games or videos

  • left or right along X axis for functions
The foremost about Xbox 360 is: it integration with the revolutionary new Kinect sensor, which lets you play and interact with your

Xbox console without any controller required. Control a movie with the sound of your voice, or a wave of your hand, Kinect responds.., Xbox Connect to Xbox LIVE

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