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Microsoft updates EMET rectify flaw in Adobe and Google software

Wednesday, Microsoft announced its updates of the EMET - Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 2.0 solution to rectify the flaw that had blocked some copies of Google's Chrome from updating.

Microsoft released this enterprise security tool in September but updated it now on Wednesday, to rectify the flaw in Chrome as it blocked some copies of Chrome from updating
The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) "may have potential issues with the update functionality" of Google's
Chrome and Adobe's Reader and Acrobat
- Microsoft

On Tuesday in a blog post Google noted that it had discovered the update problem associated with EMET and had notified Microsoft about it, Google's blog post dismissed the need to use EMET with the Chrome browser:-

  • EMET interfered with the browser's security and thwarted its usual silent updates.

  • EMET was unnecessary-"Because Chrome already uses many of the same techniques (and more), EMET does not provide any additional protection,"   - software engineers

The blog recommends that users not use EMET with Google Chrome.

Regarding this issue, on Wednesday Microsoft denied that EMET 2.0 monkeyed with Chrome's security.
"The issue affects only update mechanisms and has no security impact on any third-party products,"
- Dave Forstrom, spokesman, Microsoft, Security Response Center (MSRC)

How these situations affects Chrome?

  • "This issue may affect machines with multiple users running Chrome at the same time with each instance configured for use with EMET,"

  • "If one of those instances is running as an admin [account], it will block the other running instances from self-updating." - the MSRC engineers

The update problem is apparent with Adobe products if a reboot is required after a Reader or Acrobat update. For users of Google Chrome, the update problem occurs when one instance of the browser is set to be run as administrator. In such cases, other Chrome browsers will be blocked from updating, Microsoft's - blog explains

Microsoft released a new version of EMET, version, which is available at the Microsoft, to solve the problems, and urged affected users to download and deploy the update.

Microsoft updated EMET to version to solve the problems, and urged affected users to download and deploy the update.

It’s to note that:
Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) was released featuring:-

  • To provide better protection against attacks to third party applications running on its operating system

  • To locate and fix security vulnerabilities on Windows applications, protecting them against attacks that could exploit the flaws and affect the system

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