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How to disable CPAlead survey page lock while watching video

How to control or bypass or restrict or rectify CPAlead survey when locked amid watching video, movie clips?
All on whole you might have cornered by locked pages around some where in the web making you to stumble blinking ;) what to do? While watching any video clips nothing to do further, no navigation buttons to exit but letting you with one and only option: bid stating -  “Survey from our sponsor” then go on continue..,

Why it so?
What going on there?

Actually the page you watch are locked in mid by CPAlead gateway, if one of the offered surveys is completed it will added up them with revenue. There are some websites which offers CPALead surveys to visitors or viewers where needed to complete the survey ads to get back to the site and sometimes it demands the users personal profile and even money to proceed, it irritates and waste of time at times while we are busy questing some information. Little bit frustrating.

How to block the unwanted ads pop ups that locks page viewing rather continue watching the video..? Though with all the attempts made over it, seems no way..!

There is a way and you will follow to get the lock get rid.., get ready.., :)
As for when I insisted to find any way “how to relive myself from locked pages”, I found to be familiar with 2 methods listed below, you can opt one which sets apt for you:

Method: 1

  1. Note where the video is Hosted whether in Youtube or megavideo

  2. Go to - Menu - View - Page source in Firefox browser

  3. Find (Ctrl+F) out the word Youtube or megavideo

  4. Spot the URl of  Youtube or megavideo in embedded code

  5. Once you spot it delete the line included with URL from beginning till end

  6. Now copy the rest of the page source - paste in new text editor - saves as - any name with .Html extension

Method: 2
To follow this method you need to install Quick Java plugin and hassle-free with Firefox browser

1.A small status bar will appear at the bottom of Firefox after the installation

Js - Javascript  CSS -  Style Sheet
2.And in the website in which you want to disable CPALead, wait let the website fully load, all to maintain the functionality of Javascripts in that site.
3.Now click one by one:

  • Js                - to disable Javascript - it stops CPALead redirecting to their website

  • CSS            -  to disable Style Sheet - it unlocks CPALead’s box from blocking the website

  • Agian  Js  - to Enable Javascript - to maintain the original functionality of the website

Now you can browse and watch without any interruption.., CPAlead survey is now disabled. :)

And also if there any other simpler method than this, let me know, support me through comments. will you.., :)

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