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4 new Release list of Apple for 2010 and after

And as Christmas is nearing, Apple is to release 4 new products by rest of 2010 and there after among the 4:

  • iOS 4.2

  • Verizon iPhone 4

  • iPhone 5

  • iPad 2
iOS 4.2 will took part in coming celebration and other 3 products expected there after.., which is a sweet news apart from other sweets and cakes for Christmas.., :)

And as
we discussed already about iOS 4.2 in our earlier post under the topic "Apple updated iOS 4.2 version iPad contest Google Android platform" which  releases this month, let we look forward about the other 3 products:

Verizon iPhone 4: The announcement for the release date has come till now with many speculation and finally expected this 11, then there is 2 days to go.., to know more about Verizon iPhone 4 of Apple and Verzion Wireless.

iPhone 5: With expectation the release date being around February 2011 next year, everyone will expect the features what are all must and for iPhone 5 iPhone Download Blog had listed  top 5 controversial features:

  • Built-in wireless syncing capabilities

  • Inductive charging

  • Built in SIM Card

  • Bluetooth headphones

  • No SIM Card Slot, 30-pin connector and headphone jack

iPad 2: coming with new features:

  • Built-in camera

  • Let alone new Macbooks

  • Software and many others, will release earlier 2011.

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