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World's No 1 Internet market China, reports ITU statistics

The world is crafted with Internet Globe and its rare pointing an odd one out, not using Internet; its all only implies the rapid growth of Internet. Users World Wide with Internet access doubled within the past 5 years - ITU (International Telecommunication Union) statistics - Internet users with online service is to reach 2 billion by 2010 end.

On 20 October United Nations set celebration of World Statistics Day, Geneva-based UN body released it

The World in 2010: ICT facts and figures - Revealed:-

  • 1.2 billion of the two billion Internet population will be from developing countries

  • 226 million new Internet users in 2010

  • 162 million will be from developing countries
Internet population by the end of 2010 will be:-

  • 71% from developed countries

  • 21% from developing countries (despite the high growth rates from developing countries)

The number of users access the Internet from home:-

  • 1.4 billion - 2009

  • 1.6 billion - 2010

Possibility for developed countries with broadband technology. Among the variance in the way people in countries around the world access the Internet and the technology.

Internet users reach, region-wise:-

  1. America

  2. Europe will have the highest penetration per 100 inhabitants

  3. Arab region - 24.9

  4. Asia Pacific region is expected - 21.9 reach

  5. Africa expected Internet penetration of only 9.6 per 100 inhabitants

China remains the largest Internet market in the World with more than 420 million Internet users, 12% of total revenue from China, largest mobile operators. However, developing countries scored in mobile phone penetration mobile cellular 68% at 2010 end, "India and China alone are expected to add more than 300 million mobile subscriptions in 2010."

68% is higher than any technology before and these countries innovative in adapting mobile technology and can even able to draw greater benefits from broadband, if once adequate and affordable access is available, stated director ITU, telecommunication development bureau - Sami Al Basheer

ITU looks forward; its static’s is possible despite with its own suggestion that "there is still variance in usage between Developed and Developing lands", where in Developed lands most Internet access have it at home whereas in developing lands most Internet access are found only in places like  schools, college and libraries, origination.

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