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Web address specification address bar, Of The Pc

"Web address" What it implies?

Obviously, it’s well known by all, however let we have a look about - Web address, the logic behind it, a brief specification one by one..,

Web Address the fundamentals, addresses.., how it adhered to Net, connected inter net. Internet – the Web

Officially  web address is named for a  is URL - Universal Resource Locator

For instance take -

In this, let we see one by one:

http - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

www - World Wide Web

ofthepc – Of The Pc - second level domain name

.com - top-level domain name

Index.html- actual file name of webpage.

http - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol signals computer to “Transfer” “Hyper Text” (a webpage) from the internet to your computer, http:// is automatically assumes by computer.

www - World Wide Web is the body of software rules and protocols that means internet, every webpage is part of the world wide web.

ofthepc – Of The Pc - name that describes unique about this particular website from others, technically called - second level domain

.com - top-level domain name, identity usually used for commercial based

index.html ((how-to-restore-deleted-posts-and-pages-in-word-press)) - actual file name of this webpage, index - name of the file and “.html” - file extension. html - Hyper Text Markup Language the language mostly used in web pages..,

Further top level domain name is classified into many, respectively divided and set into particular identity.

.com  - identify profits, commercials

.org - non-profit organizations and others

.net  - networks, Internet service providers, organizations

.gov - government

.edu - educational site (usually a university or college)

.mil - U.S. military sites or agencies

Others Domain Codes of US -  California - Nevada - Texas

Other countries Domain codes

.ca - Canada

.de - Germany

.dk - Denmark

.jp - Japan

.il - Israel

.uk - United Kingdom

.za - South Africa

Many non-US sites use other top-level domains (such as .com)

I think this post will clear few fundamental doubts about Web Address, what it actually means, helps especially kiddies to kindle over net, those newly entering Web that will be helpful for them start blogging or sites.., who knows they may start blogging or sites even from their infancy but sure its going to be a fancy full one.

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