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Top 10 HTML Steps to get start with your own

Well, before your Domain name and renting a Web hosting Service, setting it right for your blog site.., there’re some basic steps of few Web designing elements which will helpful and supportive to sustain your site in all aspects..,

Obviously, “Learning all about the various tools (concepts) and entering or getting started with your work or what ever it is,   quite not possible", but at the same time it is better if you know the basics of all the tools regarding your work, at least for an average.

One among them, the inmost HTMLAn Introduction to HTML” as we’d already discussed in Previous Post, here, let we see how to get started.

10 important steps to get start with HTML:

1. The outstanding example of HTML is you doesn't need any specific Platform alike for any other block in constructing the Web Page - no need of:

  • HTML editor

  • Web Server

  • Web site

2. For HTML no other platform is needed other than Note Pad, yes note pad is sufficient, to learn HTML, until you tamed as professional web developer, then you can prefer HTML editors like
FrontPage or Dreamweaver, instead of writing plain text in note pad.

3. Test Drive, you are going to create a Web Page of  your own:

Type the followings in a note pad:


Save the note pad file with extension .html

Now open the file that is saved in your system.., :) yeah! you get started..,

4. HTML files (tagged codes saved in Notepad) can be saved with extension .htm or .html, it is perfect always using .html extension while saving your file.

5. Let we start right from the heading, according to the requirement you can use various headings.., eg for title, sub title and any other as such..,
The topic or title should be placed in to e <h1> to <h6> tags, that represents heading

HTML Heading tag
6. The whole content of your post is to be placed into the tag <p> respectively, that represents paragraphs.

HTML paragraph tag

7. Link is given in a page to direct or view the page of another page or other site’s page with the tag <a>, that represents the link

HTML href tag

. <img> tag is used to place a image into the page, that represents the image source

HTML image source


<img src="ofthepc" width="170" height="20" />


9. It’s safe, if both the image and Web page document or files saved under one folder.

10. Each element in HTML should have starting and ending tag.
Paragraph element starts with the tag <p> and ends </p>, like wise Link element starts with the tag < a href="default.html"> and ends </a>
(HTML element starts with a start tag or opening tag and ends an end tag or closing tag)

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