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Sony share increases 3 percent on speculation about Apple purchase

And before gathering the news whether Apply buy sony and while the news heading with this topic in net and through converse, however increased Sony shares value in the stock market..,

As due, traders refer media reports speculation, Sony, Japanese electronics maker could be a potential acquisition target of Apple Inc, at one stage Sony Shares nearly 3 percent on Tuesday.

Barron - cash-rich Apple could
be contemplating a big acquisition and noted speculation about Adobe, Sony and Disney as potential targets - report Emitted  further about the speculation

But regarding this, "We cannot comment on rumors or speculation." - Sony spokeswoman, Sue Tanaka.

Earlier this month itself the issue about Apple's acquisition plans gained steam while Chief Executive Steve Jobs was asked what the company would do with its $51 billion in cash on the conference call with investors and reporters following Apple's latest earnings announcement.

But despite what Jobs said "We would like to continue to keep our powder dry, because we do feel that there are one or more strategic opportunities in the future," but analysts who follow technology downplayed the likelihood that Apple would chase Sony -- or any other major acquisition.



$50 billion in cash reserves

$282 billion in market capitalization


$34 billion market capitalization

Share Market


climbed high as 2,804 yen and closed up 0.7 percent at 2,742 yen

Trading volume - 17.61 million shares

(highest since July 30)


Shares of Apple were down less than 1 percent in premarket trade.

"It will be a hostile takeover if Apple tries to buy the whole of Sony, and that will probably not succeed in Japan", said one analyst in Tokyo.

And this related news further reports that: companies like EA, Netflix, Disney, and even Adobe are also among Apple's interest.

BusinessWeek: "Apple's business philosophy is to acquire small companies that can be easily integrated into existing company.

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