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Mozilla rewarded 12 year boy $3,000 for hunting bugs

Alex Miller, an 12 year old boy from San Jose Rewarded $3,000 for he spotted a critical security flaw hidden away in the Firefox code, it is to note: few months ago Mozilla declared a bounty to developers with reward $3,000 if they find any major security flaws in Firefox.

found a valid critical security

flaw buried in the Firefox web browser, instead bugs. For his discovery, he was
rewarded bounty of $3,000 by Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox.

Alex was motivated all when Mozilla upped its bug bounty from $500 and later increased substantial $3,000, he knows the value of bug bounties and other companies offer.

Already a Firefox loyalist tried the task earlier to qualify for the bounty and found something in initial search, sent in a bug report, but it wasn't the right type of bug to qualify the bounty but Alex qualified by spotting a flaw in the memory of the running program.

Alex estimated, he spent about 90 minutes each day for about 10 days for this hunt.

Alex Miller by spotting bugs not only scored bucks but fame too..,

"Mozilla depends on contributors like these for our very, sort of, survival. Mozilla is a community mostly of volunteers. We really encourage people to get involved in the community" said Brandon Sterne, Security program manager, Firefox.

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