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How to personalize Business account in Facebook from personal account

HowToCreateBusinessAccountOfThePcNeed only the Business part to expose and not the personal presence..? Right, then don’t worry there is feature in Facebook to create a Business Accounts personalized.

First of all make it clear:

you cannot create a separate business account if you already have a personal account
For Business account the option ‘log in’ is replaced by its previous business account registration form
Let to know that there is no option to separate a fan page from a personal profile with a different log in

Business Account manage:

Facebook advertising campaigns
Facebook Pages

But still by personal account and make only professional presence than follow few simple tweaks..,

To set up your business account:

Create a Facebook Ad or create a Facebook Page
After creating the page or advertisement, Facebook asks for either "enter your login information" nor select the option “I do not have a Facebook account” - Here enter business email address and date of birth
Now you have business account on Facebook

It is safe to proceed only for the business account and if you already have a personal account and follow this process its sure Facebook welcomes you shutting out both Accounts.., don’t create multiple accounts

Probably while it takes time to understand thoroughly Facebook - How it works? But it at least let to know with the option - to proceed for those, that "no need of a personal account".

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