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Google TV 2 n 1 Entertainment and Web Surfing

Google has offered many services right from the beginning, the "Google" itself, for their users and followers.., and now it’s Google TV which simplifies both internet and entertainment into one, all for a seamless experience.

With its latest product Google TV, preparing to enter the increasingly crowded internet TV market.

Google said that one of its goals with Google TV was to "open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers". which will allow customers to access Facebook and watch films on YouTube in the comfort of their living rooms.

Users can able to plug into the technology simply by buying a set-top box that has HDTV sets. Various Broadcasting, technology and media companies optimised their services for Google TV. Twitter and several music sites, including Vevo, Pandora and Napster, have also designed features especially for Google TV.

Built around the Google Chrome browser, the service will give users access to the open internet, including websites, videos, Flash-based games and applications, view photos, read movie reviews or chat with friends, all on the big screen.

Gaining the backing of the major broadcast networks and other powerful players is proving to be difficult because some executives fear Google TV could tip the balance of power to the internet's most powerful company.

Whereas, Google believes its technology will make it easier to surf the web while watching the television on the same big screen. If it succeeds it could also help the company achieve its goal of expanding its domination of the online and market into television.

Documents posted on the internet indicate that flat-panel sets and other devices equipped with Google TV will go on sale on October 17, but the company has not confirmed that date and price. The TV is expected to go on sale in the U.S. this autumn, however, there is no indication yet when the service will be made available in the UK or other parts of the world.

Jiggle and Jingle with Entertainment and Web on Google TV.

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